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challenger hellcat for sale

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Sales

Ten Things We Love about The Hellcat

1. Hellcat Power

There’s no getting away from the kind of power that the 6.2L HEMI packs. Ranging from 500hp on eco mode to 707hp in Track, there’s simply nothing else like it in its price bracket. Straight out of the factory, with no tune the Hellcat is simply a beast.

2. Design

We love the way the Dodge have managed to blend the retro 70s feel of the classic Challengers with the modern, smooth lines of the Hellcat.

3. Size

Not sure how Dodge did this but this is a big ride for an SRT. It’s longer and wider than many SUVs, the back seats are built for full-size adults and the boot is enormous and, of course, it’s four door. There’s no reason why this shouldn’t be your family run around.

4. The Sound

If you’re going to buy some raw power it has sound like it means it. We love the authentic, high-pitched whine of the supercharger as it eases through the gears and the low rumble of the engine. It just sounds like a racing car.

5. The Exhaust

The super-charger might give you the required sound front-end but it’s nothing with out a proper pop, pop, pop from the exhaust. The Hellcat nails it.

6. Electronics and Gadgetry

The Hellcat may be all about engine performance but there’s plenty of gadgetry on the dash which you can customise to your exact requirements and then download to your phone.

7. Fuel Performance

We were really surprised and not a little pleased with the really impressive fuel numbers coming from a 6.2L engine. Around town we were averaging 16 and on the motorway we were consistently hitting 27mpg – not bad for an SRT.

8. Comfort

The seat design, in cabin climate controls makes the Hellcat a surprisingly comfortable drive even over long distances. Unlike so many performance vehicles with suspensions tuned to assist with power driving, we love the fact that you get out after a long journey without feeling like you’ve just had some kind of major workout.

9. Sound System

Like it or not music and driving just go together and with 18 (yes really!) Harman Carmen speakers and two sub-woofers in the boot the sound comes at you in every direction.

10. Reliability

Finally, despite the complexity of the engineering this still one of the most reliable vehicles we sell.


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